Tree Removal Service New Jersey

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The removal of trees is usually not an easy task, due to the various risk factors and required specialized techniques to calculate the weight, distance, height or tension required to remove a tree efficiently and safely. This is the exact reason why High Class Tree & Landscaping consists of a team of certified professionals who have the necessary experience to perform any type of tree removal for our customers.

As mentioned above, a wide variety of techniques is required for the removal of trees, as well as each technique requiring different type of equipment. However, you should not worry about that because High Class Tree & Landscaping has its own specialized equipment and the latest machinery as well as the people trained to carefully carry out the job at your convenience, no matter how complex it may seem.

Why High Class Tree & Landscaping offers the best services Tree Removal Service New Jersey?

It is worthy to note that all our work is insured and by choosing us as your Tree Removal Service New Jersey you should never worry about the protection of your home, as our work staff is careful and  responsible for ensuring the cleaning and care of your property as well as the surrounding areas.

To provide the service you deserve, you can request a free quote on Our Tree Removal Service New Jersey, simply call us at 973-620-9433 and by doing so you will realize that we are the most cost-effective service in North Jersey. This is possible thanks to our planning processes that allow us to reduce labor costs, increase efficiency and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

All this makes us the most trusted tree service company in North Jersey, providing the best Tree Removal New Jersey Service in Passaic, Morris, and Essex counties.

Why choose us?

Certified and Licensed

High Class Tree & Landscaping has been successfully servicing Morris County residents since 2003. We are a licensed, insured tree service and landscaping contractor and also certified in many areas of landscape design and irrigation.

satisfaction guaranteed

High Class Tree & Landscaping guarantees your satisfaction with our workmanship and services.  If you are unsatisfied for any reason with our workmanship and notify us within (7) seven days of completion, we will return free of charge to correct the situation.

we are green

Debris removed from your job is taken back to our shop yard or other necessary facilities. We separate the debris into categories – wood, natural waste, fill dirt, reusable dirt, etc. Most of our left over material is saved and used on future jobs.